mensch /mɛnʃ/
noun: a person of integrity and honour.

The Challenge

Humanity is facing what could be its defining challenge. Our collective activity on the planet is pushing the ecosystems that support our life on planet earth out of balance and threatening the existence of humanity.

The Opportunity

The paradigms that have created the global crises also created enormous positive effects. We have created science and technology that enables us to not only save the situation and bring the planet back into balance, but also to introduce new paradigms that make life worth living for everyone.

The crises also pose an enormous economic opportunity. BCG estimates that solving the SDGs is a 13 Trillion USD business opportunity. This implies that many of the ways we organise societies will change since 13 Trillion represents an enormous portion of the global GDP.

The Change

Currently we think of organisations in two ways:
(1) For profit organisations whose job it is to create financial profit by providing goods and services that the market wants and that are legal to offer.
And (2) not for profit organisations whose job it is to fulfil a mission that is beyond making money, a mission that is about improving a specific situation.

While for-profits are highly regulated in terms of their finance and can go bankrupt, not-for-profits are highly regulated in terms of their mission and can go mission-bankrupt.

What is missing is an organisation that is both accountable in economic ways and in the mission - an organisation that can go bankrupt both in financial and mission terms.

The Solution

We have created a fully functional legal framework and governance model that can provide protection against mission drift in for-proft companies. This effectively creates a hybrid between a for-profit and a not-for-profit. We call this solution

The Team

We are a diverse team of people dedicated towards making the planet a good place.

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